High School Superstar – College Nobody

The superstar athlete who has received every award, all the praise from fans and admirers and hangers-on now has to live up to all of the hype and produce at the college level. Many great high school players sometimes do not make the transition to college superstar status. In high school, many of these superstar athletes were the best on their teams, they showed great athletic ability, superior athletic skills and, at game time, no one could compete with them.

These athletes stood alone; they were unmatched because there was no competition for them to worry about. As these athletes compete, they gain confidence knowing that they are the best in their city and in their community. They shine head and shoulders above everyone who plays their sport. The transition to college, in their minds, will be easy because they have had it easy their entire athletic career while in high school.

These days, athletes receive so much coverage from so many places; magazines, website message boards, they are written about on blogs and talked about on TV as though they were the greatest athlete to have ever played. This type of hype can be dangerous when dealing with teenagers who have no life experience and may not be able to handle the pressure.

All of their athletic lives, they felt no pressure and they’ve dealt with very little adversity because, as a superior athlete, everything is given to you–everything in the sport world is easy. The transition to college can be difficult for many student athletes who have never lived away from home or dealt with the adversity because once you are at a college athletic program, all the players are good, all the players were also the best at their respective schools therefore, the competition is greater than many of these athletes has ever had to deal with–ever.

For every Lebron James who was a superstar basketball player, there are millions more who wish to be like a Lebron James but fail to achieve any level of success. All over the country, student athletes from all sports believe in their minds that they too will be a success at the college level; they believe college athletics will come easy to them just like it did in high school. Ego plays a large part in athletic failure.

When you are successful in your sport and everyone is telling you how good you are all the time, you develop a huge ego. You feel that you can do no wrong and success is given to you because of your tremendous talent for athletics
How To Write Introduction in an Essay. Why is the pressure to succeed in college so great? The answer is over-exposure of high school athletes. There is more media coverage of athletes than there has ever been in the history of sports.

Athletes are given rating points, they’re given ranking on their athletic abilities and skills, their college programs of interest are listed everywhere and are discussed on message boards websites and blogs. The coverage of these high school athletes is so over the top, they are treated like they are a lottery tickets that some college programs try to cash in.

The pressure on a teenager is ridiculous. Many of the fans of the game fail to realize that these are teenagers and, as fans, treat them as though they are professional athletes. Having to live up to high expectations placed on student athletes from fans who enjoy sports must be incredible to deal with for some athletes. High school sports, college sports, and professional sports is all about having the best players and winning.


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