Christmas Airsoft Ideas: Top 5 Sniper Rifles

Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a high powered sniper rifle! Check out the top 5 snipers we’ve experienced this year.

SWS X28 MILFORCE Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – M24 Replica & Bipod Package

This all-new high-powered Snow Wolf sniper rifle is a M24 replica featuring a fluted barrel, adjustable rear stock, and bipod. It is one of the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifles we have ever seen. The rifle is manufactured by SWS X28, the high performance division of Snow Wolf. While relatively new the airsoft scene, SWS X28 is making its mark as one the premiere high-value, high-performance manufacturers in the world. The SWS X28 Milforce sports a high muzzle velocity (490-540 FPS w/ 0.20g airsoft BBs) and an exceptionally accurate shot. Tight groupings are apparent throughout this rifle’s long effective range (over 240 feet!) and are crucial to helping you dominate the Airsoft field. This rifle is comparable to other M24 replicas such as the CA M24 (market price = $240+) and the Tanaka M24 SWS (market price = $500+), but the SWS X28 outperforms both in power and accuracy.

JG BAR-10 Airsoft Metal Bolt Action High-Powered Sniper Rifle w/ 3-9×40 Zoom AOE Illuminated Scope Package

Here at Airsoft Megastore, we love us some JG weaponry and the JG Bar-10 bolt action sniper rifle is one of their highest value sniper rifles to date. This all-new bolt action rifle is simply one of the best bolt action sniper rifles on the market priced under $100 – making is possible for everyone to experience a high powered sniper for themselves. It shoots hard and accurately, features adjustable hop up, sniper-grade bolt action, a comfortable and study rear stock, and an extremely long, tight-bore sniper barrel. It is also compatible with most of the BAR-10 upgrade parts currently available on the market. The JG Bar-10 tops out at over 475 FPS with 0.20g BBs and keeps tight groupings at over 100 feet out. The Airsoft Megastore package also comes with the 3-9×40 AOE Adjustable Zoom Illuminated Rifle Scope, which is easily the best factory-equipped scope we have seen on any bolt action sniper rifle.

00 FPS A&K SVD Bolt Action SSR

This SSR [Specialized Sniper Rifle] from A&K is the newest production run unit from A&K. With superior engineering and the utmost manufacturing precision, this sniper rifle is one of the sturdiest bolt action varieties our team has worked with.
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One of the first things you will notice about this rifle is its overwhelming stability and balance throughout the structure. In line with A&K’s reputation, this rifles construction, finish, and overall build-quality is excellent. It fires at 440-510 FPS with 0.20g BBs, and with a barrel that measures over 600mm, it is dead-accurate, allowing you to pick off the target at distances greater than 100 feet. In fact, it’s effective range is well over 200 feet. This model also features a highly realistic standard 30rd SSR magazine.

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