Pool Cleaner 101 – Aquabot Pool Cleaners and Solar Pool Skimmer Robot Demystified

Why should I get an Aquabot robot pool cleaner?

Pool cleaner robots are nifty little machines that increase quality of life by doing the dirty work while you play;
The vacuum capacity and power of robot pool cleaners provides a thorough cleaning of the pool;
A high efficiency filtration system is built in the robot to purify thousands of gallons of water per hour, which is healthier and cleaner for your family and friends;
The debris bag collects most if not all of the particles (up to 2 microns or the size of a bacteria) in the pool relieving strain on your pools filtration system by 25% and by 30% for the pumps;
Pool cleaning robots help improve the chemicals and heat distribution in the pool, therefore reducing energy and chemical consumption. If you are you looking for more information regarding website take a look at the web-site.
Savings of up to 50%!
No lengthy installation procedures or hoses required… KISS, keep it simple superman…!
Pool cleaning robots are low maintenance units;
Robot pool cleaners contribute to reducing water consumption and decreasing the filtration system’s working time by as much as 60%.
About Aquabot Pool Cleaner Robots
Pool cleaners come in two categories, domestic or residential and commercial. Domestic robot pool cleaners also come in two sub-categories, above or in ground pools. Once you have these two things are figured out, you can sift through pool cleaners within the targeted category and compare specifications and prices. Figuring out the pool’s size and settling on a budget is obviously an important step to consider.

All robot pool cleaners must be started manually. When turning the robot on, one needs to either set the number of hours of servicing or set the pool cleaner on continuous mode.

Above-Ground Pool Cleaner Robots

Above-ground round pool owners definitely benefit from a lower acquisition cost since these pool cleaners do not have as many components as the Aquabot Turbo series and the Aquabot Basic.There are two models in this category:

The Aquabot Pool Rover Jr which is effective for cleaning the floor of flat bottom above ground pools:
The Aquabot Pool Rover is designed for above ground dished bottom. It also cleans the pools walls!
Both take about one hour of cleaning time and have an auto shut-off feature after 2 hours.

In Ground Pool Cleaner Robots

The Aquabot Turbo series (T Jet, T, T2, T4RC) and the Aquabot Basic pool cleaners are designed for in ground pools.

The Turbo T Jet sits on four wheels and is quite identical to the Pool Rovers mentioned in the previous section. It is specifically designed to clean abrasive floor surfaces such as concrete surfaces for pools of up to 50 square/feet in size. This brushless pool cleaner uses a water jet to clean abrasive surfaces, where other pool cleaning robot models tend to wear and tear their brushes. The Turbo T Jet has a cleaning time of 1 hour and is programmed with an auto shut-off feature after 2 hours.

The Aquabot Basic and its big brother Aquabot Turbo are the first two models running on tracks rather than wheels. They are both designed for square shaped pools. The Turbo requires 4 hours of labour to clean a pool’s floor, walls and waterline. Account for 2 more hours for the Basic to do the same job, which makes it 30% slower, but does produce the same quality results.

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