Keeping Goats All the Way to the Bank

Have you ever thought about a different career or business far away from the city, at a serene place? Goat keeping is a good small-scale business to do. You must be wondering, keeping goats! The demand for nutritious goats’ milk is increasing day by day.

Rich protein content goats milk is also having good market. Think about the wool that is required for the apparel industry. Goat milk based products like cheese, yoghurt, soap and other items are having good time in the market.

Goat keeping is more of a fun job. Goats are good companions with good affection. Goats can clear the shrubs and other plants from the farms effectively. Unlike cattle and other animals, goats are smaller. Their price is less and hence risky to keep goats. Finding feed for goats are easier as less quantity is required compared to cattle.

Goats have higher fertility rate and they mature faster. There fore the herd size is maintainable even if sales take place. Goats adjust to the dry areas very well. These are some of the attractive prospects about goat keeping.

Goats require about less than hour caring everyday. You can let them graze if there is enough forages available in the farm. You need to provide clean water at regular intervals of time. Also, provide nutrients and protein rich feeds based on grains along with minerals and nutrition supplements. Goat requires roughly six square metres. So build a shelter with that much of space for each goat. Shelter must provide relief from draught, wild animals etc. Fences should be strong enough.

For bio farming, goats will be a good addition. The pest plants are useful as feed for the goats. While the goat manure is useful for producing, vermin compost manure. A group of eight or more goats needs only the same amount of food required by a single cow.

Yet the herd can give twice the amount of milk, and it has more value in the market. If you have diary farm, if you can set up machineries, yourself can process milk and make goat milk based products. Value added products always could give more money than the raw produce.

You can sell the unwanted kids or excess goats for meat purpose.
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Make sure that you sell the goats when they have good weight, as it can fetch more money. Give additional nutritional food so that those goats fatten up faster. You can sell meet directly if you have processing facilities.

There is a new stream of farm tourism coming into prominence. You can market your lumber some goat farm, as a destination for tourists to enjoy goat farming and idle location.

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