Content material Marketing and Photo File Sharing

A little while ago, members of the baby boomer generation were storing their own rolls of Kodak plus Fuji film in their coolers as they embarked on vacation street trips to enchanting places far and wide. It was all about ASA, speeds, exposures and good deals on photo developing at your neighborhood Walmart store. Shift the clock forward a few decades and you have millions of energetic photo enthusiasts uploading plus sharing images on Pinterest and Instagram. Is it possible to control this unprecedented paradigm shift to build brand equity, travel traffic to your website, generate product sales and increase conversions? A solution in the affirmative awaits you and we will show you how.

The Content Marketing Challenge

As a web-savvy Web entrepreneur who already knows the critical importance of appealing your customer communities by means of sustained interaction, you are smartly poised to take your online business to the next level through a number of picture sharing networks much in the same way in which you promote your on the web presence through YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Viddler and other video sharing websites. The modus operandi may be different but the end results happen to be the same. Visual-centric content marketing is a verified strategy that is in no way the formidable challenge to accept.

Storytelling through Image Content

Content marketing through images just isn’t as complicated as you might think. As long as you stay away from hard-core advertising by simply showcasing the items for sale on your website, additionally, you will continue to remain on the positive aspect of the ledger. Build an image gallery around a theme and tell a story. For example , if your online travel website markets affordable vacation rentals in Fl, consider developing an entire Reddit or PhotoBucket gallery upon Florida vacations with tons of attractive images of many of the wonderful sightseeing destinations the Sunshine State has to offer. Use royalty-free stock images by searching for “royalty-free images” on Google and the some other major search engines and encourage your photo gallery visitors to liberally use these images in exchange for a courtesy url to your website. Submit your images, when they happen to be original, to Google images and watch your website visitors scale dizzy heights. Reddit offers a terabyte of storage space which means you will never run out associated with ideas. What is more, every corporate event in your organization is definitely an engagement opportunity. Find somebody in your organization who is good with a digital camera and document the moments. Upload these pictures to your Facebook Fan Web page and encourage your viewers to Like, Tag and Share. Set up Pinboards on Pinterest featuring thematic collections of photographs and other images in which you can show your customers enjoying your products. Companies including Victoria’s Secret and Gap, among others routinely run special offers and contests to supply user-generated image content.

Appealing your Website Visitors to Share

The particular sharing of visual content material can also manifest itself like a robust form of dual approach communication. Since user-generated content is known to build synergies, encourage your audience to share relevant images with you by uploading them to your photo file sharing platforms through moderation. The extent to which your customers and prospects can be creative will not cease to amaze you.

Using QR Codes along with your Images

Consider running a test by adding QR codes for your print collateral and commute traffic to your photo gallery that has been coordinated with your print campaign. Smartphones are completely equipped to process QR codes and can drive visitors not only to your image galleries which feature a theme-based storytelling approach but also to specific image-rich landing pages which your content marketing team can create for you.

Optimizing your Picture Galleries for Search

In order to prepare your image galleries to get search engine visibility as well as a good enhanced social media presence on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Connected In and Twitter, your images should be processed prior to add. We have several recommendations to assist you integrate your image strategy with your content marketing strategy:

Boost the overall quality of your pictures with the help of a paid image optimization tool such as PhotoShop or a free image improvement tool like the one on Google+.

Alt tag all your images in a meaningful plus creative manner so that all those visitors who access your site with the help of assistive technology may also engage with you and eventually turn out to be buying customers. You will not only receive brownie points from Google and the other search engines but will also become Section 508 compliant to a certain extent.

Provide picture captions whenever possible so that your guests are able to better appreciate your efforts as they attempt to connect your own collage to a context.

Use the keywords you are targeting inside your SEO campaign when creating alt tags and photo captions for improved search engine ranking.

Lastly, and most importantly, provide cultural share buttons with all your pictures so that your prospects can talk about your images within their respective networks.

More Ideas on Traveling Qualified Social Media Traffic to your Website

With the unprecedented growth within social media, the demand with regard to royalty-free visual content is constantly on the sky rocket except that many consumers do not know from where you can source them without violating copyright. Visitors who visit your various theme-based photo galleries on various photo peer to peer websites will not only be influenced to eventually visit your own company’s flagship Internet house but will also happily discuss your images through social talk about buttons when provided a chance to do so.
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Additionally , if your photo is featured on a popular profile page on Facebook, Linked In, Google+ or Twitter, the traffic stats can be extremely rewarding.

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