The Classic Tours For Single Seniors

There is not a great number of tour businesses that cater to single seniors or senior couples. Tours for single seniors can be done solo or you can find yourself a partner. Traveling PPDO (per person double occupancy) saves money as far as hotel or room expenses. Normally, you will feel more comfortable with someone you know–a family member or a friend.

Horizon & Company provides the single senior or married couple with exotic and exciting tours around the world. These are a variety of extravagant coach tours and cruises especially appeasing to older person who love to travel and love live. Most of the travelers who indulge themselves into this adventure are people 65 and older. The tours are safe and secure, the activity is suitable for seniors, and there is a great deal of knowledge and cultural information to be gathered. Let’s explore some of these tours for single seniors.

The President’s Cruise takes you away to the cultural experience of Asia. See the towering buildings in Singapore, Travel to Thailand to see ancient monuments. Visit the temple structures in India and many other historical sights that will both educate you and leave you speechless. It is a sight to behold. This tour is given from April 28 through May 18, 2009. Get your finances together–this special tour is priced at $9,650.

Another tour for single seniors is a cruise–The Baltic Cruise.
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This trip is starting in London, England and moves into Scandinavia along the Baltic Sea. The trip starts in the summer season of 2009. Visit the countries of Norway and Denmark, where you will find mystical castles. The cruise makes its way through beautiful Stockholm into St. Petersburg. This city is where Russian literature began. You will absolutely marvel at the buildings make of gold, marble, and malachite. You can contact Horizon & Company at their toll free number (1-800-387-2977).

Horizon & Company also offers a Christmas tour for singles in 2008. this cruise trip is on a highly prestigious cruise called the Crystal Serenity. Take off from Miami into the lovely Caribbean. See the sights of the West Indies and other bright, bold and breathtaking Islands of the Caribbean Sea. Call Horizon & Company is one of the biggest operations offering tours especially for the enjoyment, education, and cultural experience of seniors.

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