So What Exactly is a Power Inverter?

Transformers are electrical devices that can energy household appliances that run on 240V AC from a 12V DC battery or vehicle that has a 12V system. They convert 12V DC electric batteries to 220/240V AC mains power and as you can imagine have a large range of apps and uses. Inverters are compact and often lightweight making them an ideal supply of portable mains power for those on the move who need to power electrical equipment while away from mains power.
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Thanks to their moveability they are commonly used in cars, caravans, motor homes, RV’s, boats, 4WD’s and other utility vehicles. Using a power inverter with standard 240V household appliances is a much cheaper and more useful option than purchasing specialised 12-VOLT appliances for times when main power is not available, and the cost of an inverter will easily pay for by itself.

Power inverters are available in many different power result levels to suit almost any type of appliances that you would want to power. Small reduced powered inverters are designed for running one small low power electrical or electronic appliance whereas larger more powerful inverters can be used to power several small appliances or one much larger appliance that has a very high power requirement.

Generally speaking power inverters are not a particularly efficient way to run appliances with very high power requirements such as electric heaters, ovens, kettles and air conditioners due to their higher current draw and battery usage.

There are two different types of inverters, modified sine wave power inverters and genuine sine wave power inverters. The difference between your two is how closely these people replicate mains power. A modified influx inverter produces a far choppier AC wave and a true or pure sine wave inverter can create almost perfect AC mains voltage.

As the process used in a true sine wave inverter is far more complicated than a modified wave inverter they are lot more expensive and generally reserved for equipment that will only run on them. The good news is that most electric devices will happily operate unaffected on the modified sine wave inverter therefore modified wave power inverters are far more common.

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