How to Choose Curling Irons

Curls are back in fashion and are preferred for the beautiful and sexy appear. Many of them, who have straight hairs wish for lovely curls. Curling irons are preferred over flat irons in order to design beautiful curly hair that look natural. Curls bring bounce to the tresses and make a hairstyle look attractive. A curling iron is hence an indispensable tool.

Depending on the length and type of your hair, you can choose an appropriate curling iron with a proper barrel size. The size of the barrel decides the look of the curls. If you want a larger and looser curl then select a bigger barrel. Short hair requires a relatively smaller curling iron. If your hair is delicate and pauses easily then it is better to use ceramic curling irons. It goes without saying that you should get a proper size while buying the styling iron. Luckily hair of different size can be successfully curled. Short to medium hair can be styled to curls of one inch. Very short hair can be beautifully curled with the help of a ceramic curling iron such as the Wigo Digital. Curling irons may also be effective to create curls of different size in one strand of hair. Curls can be created in a number of ways. A diffuser can be used to create loose, bouncy curls. Curling irons can be used regularly without damaging the hair so long the hair is conditioned with thermal AC. In fact it is better to use a leave in conditioner to protect the hair from any kind of damage. Curling irons with various types of coatings are available in the market. Chrome-plated iron are quite popular as they suit all types of hair. Low heat should be useful for fine, thin hair whereas slightly higher heat can be used for coarse to medium hair. Professional hairdressers use gold-plated barrels as it is a much better conductor of heat. The latest contraption is the ceramic coated plates that offer value for money. They are more effective in giving uniform heat and are suitable for all types of hair.

While choosing a curling metal take care of the quality of the cord furthermore. A curling iron having a rotating cord connection is recommended so that it withstands the pressure while shifting the iron in any direction. Prior to using the curling iron the hair must be thoroughly dry or else the excess dampness and the heat form the iron may combine to cause burns. Anyhow hot curling irons should not be used on the scalp or roots.
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To start with set the temperature at a decrease level and then progress to higher settings if required. Curling irons will also be available for controlling and smoothng frizzy and natural curly hair. It is advisable to snuggle such hair using a barrel. Gold N Hot curling irons are usually recommended as they have a rheostat control to manage temperatures varying from 150 to 320 degrees. Make sure that the features you are looking for are available in the curling iron before purchasing it.

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