Fire Safety Tips For Home & in the Kitchen

The best way to fight a fire is by preventing it from occurring altogether. Over 3,000 people die each year due to fires and poor fire safety procedures. Fires also account for over $10 billion dollars worth of property damage and losses each year. Almost every material that a house or building is composed is combustible in some degree, which makes fire prevention a crucial thing to practice and learn.

Fires are more likely to occur from inside the kitchen, this is due to the many sources of heat inside a kitchen. Industrial kitchens such as restaurant kitchens pose even bigger threats due to the use of industrial heating and chemical equipment.

Here are a few tips to preventing fires in the kitchen:

-Wear proper apparel: Do not wear loose-fitted clothing such as long-sleeve shirts or scarves while cooking. Cloth-like material needs only a few seconds before it starts to catch fire.

-Always be within the vicinity of the kitchen when cooking on the stove: Food can boil over or food can splash out. This is can be fuel to the fire.

-Clear any items near the stovetop area when cooking when using the stovetop: Heat alone can melt nearby objects.

-Keep highly volatile materials or devices away from cooking areas: This can be anything from matches to propane equipment.

Here are a few tips to preventing fires in the home:

-Clear areas near the chimney and use a chimney grate: Embers can pop and cause a fire on materials. Carpets and rugs will catch on fire very quickly.

-Moist cigarettes after use: Since cigarettes are lightweight they can blow around in the wind and cause a nearby fire.

-Blowout candles before leaving the area: As attractive as these decoratives are, they still require a pilot light.

-Turn off portable heaters when not in use: Heaters are able to burn through surfaces and burn surrounding objects.

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-Make sure your family knows the best fire escape plan for every part of the home: Not knowing what to do in the event of a fire is hazardous alone.


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