My Amazing Experiece With A Fortune Teller

Are you anxious about your future? If you are, let me tell you about a strange experience I had using a fortune teller. About a decade back, while I was window shopping with my best friend, I suddenly saw a sign to get a fortune teller.

Since I was significantly religious and my minister often told us to shun those who are involved in magic and similar artistry, I was a bit apprehensive. But fascination won me over and we came into the shop nervously. The disposition inside was fascinating, goose humps suddenly sprung all over my body making me want to leave.

Then the lot of money teller appeared behind a curtain, wearing strange robes that are normally seen in movies. She was a mature woman with a kind face plus gentle voice that reassured myself and my friend. We told her that individuals wanted to know about our futures and he or she told us to make ourselves comfy and to show her our palms.

The fortune teller stared to see my best friend’s palm and I listened to her predictions. I was a little skeptical with what she said simply because they seem too vague and can occur to just about anybody. She told her that she would marry a tall man with red hair and that they will have 3 children.
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When it was my turn to have my palm read and she told me that I was going to marry a dark skinned man and would certainly only have one child. I thought that her prediction were highly less likely. You see my father grew up in the south and is a bit biased with other races. I’m also very found of children and am always dreamt of having a large family.

I lost touch with my best friend after high school because we went to different universities. My encounter using the fortune teller was lost amongst loads of memorable experiences. I got married to a brilliant mind soon after the graduation. He and I were very compatible and we are very happy in our relationship.

At first my father did not agree to of him because he was Hispanic. However after spending some time with him my husband won him over and my father was full of pride as he strolled me down the aisle. I offered birth to a perfect angel about a year after our marriage. Our pregnancy was very difficult however and I needed an emergency C-section to deliver our child.

Luckily it had not impact n our daughter but sadly my doctor sadly informed us that having more children will be dangerous for me. My husband and I worked out that will having more children is an unneeded risk and so we decided that our only daughter was enough.

I was reunited with my best friend during the last high school reunion. We discussed stories about our lives and proudly introduced our families to each other. The girl seemed to be excited when she fulfilled my husband and my daughter.

Afterwards when we were alone she reminded me about the fortune teller’s predictions. I was stunned when I realized that the particular predictions have indeed come true, in my case, and I was all the more surprised when I also realized her spouse was tall and had red tresses and that she was currently pregnant with her third child.

Our experience gave me new respect or even fortune tellers and their craft. Of course , it may have been just a coincidence, but still, even coincidences can be really surprising.

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