Practical Personal Protection Gifts for the Holidays

Everyday, we hear news about rapes, robberies, hold-ups, assaults and murders in different countries worldwide. With the rising rates of criminality nowadays, how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from the risks and threats of crime? Are there ways you can protect them or provide them safety and protection in your absence? Can your loved ones protect themselves even without the help of other individuals? Yes, they can through self-defense techniques and devices.

In your absence, you can still give them safety and protection by giving them portable self-defense and protection equipment sold in stores. If you want to buy self-defense and protection devices for your loved ones, you can give it to them this coming Christmas. It is one of the perfect gifts to consider for your loved ones for this special event. With it, your mind will be at ease that they can protect themselves against perpetrators and attackers. With the tough economy that we have and the upcoming holidays, nothing is more important than to be cautious and to take precautionary measures to prevent theft and other forms of crimes.

Below are practical and personal protection ideas that you can consider for your loved ones. These items can serve as added security and protection during emergencies. These devices are not only portable and small, but they are affordable and can easily be wrapped.

Capsicum Spray or Pepper spray – It is one of the famous self-defense and protection devices used by women nowadays. With the rising rates of criminality in society, self-defense and personal protection equipment is already a necessity especially for women. These pepper sprays are portable and can easily be hidden inside your pocket or bag. You can also affix this device to your cell phone clips or key chains. You can even hide it or conceal it inside your lipstick container. Pepper sprays are effective in derailing and immobilizing your perpetrators. The concentrated chili inside these devices are very painful, especially when it comes in contact with the eyes of your perpetrators.
Stun gun – It is a portable device which is very effective in protecting the bearer from any forms of threats and harms. It has the ability to release powerful electricity jolts that can disable your opponent. Since it comes in small size and usually mistaken as toys, you should keep it away from reach of children to avoid mishaps and accidents from happening
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