Retail Services in India And Its Future

India as a country has gone through a lot of changes over the last couple of years as far as retail services in India are concerned. Within the last 5 years or so, hundreds of brands have established their stores and outlets in the country.
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And that means, now there are more job opportunities available compared to earlier.

But even though there has been a big boom in the number of agencies offering retail services in India, there are some who are skeptical about its future. The recent debate over FDI (Foreign Direct investment), whether it should or should not be allowed in the country has gotten many people in frenzy. But I believe that the future of retail services in India is quite bright and they are here to stay. In this article I will try to lay out 2 points in front of you, to give you an idea why I believe so…

India is a Growing Economy

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and that means the country has to embrace globalization fully to continue the current rate of growth. Moreover, with china becoming more economically stronger over the years, India will eventually need to allow foreign companies to invest directly and further expand their services, which in turn will result in more agencies to crop up offering retail services in India. But, let’s just assume that the FDI somehow doesn’t get approved, then what? Well, you need to understand that…

Most of the major global brands are already here

Even if FDI never gets approved by the government, most of the major global brands have already arrived on the scene and they can’t take care of everything on their own. Things like retail intelligence, brand management and other such services, because that would call for more hiring, which can turn out to be quite costly and time-consuming. That is why companies have been outsourcing all of this work to such agencies in the country since years, because it’s cost-effective and doesn’t call in for more hiring, as the agencies already have the manpower that is required.

No matter what people say, I believe that the future looks quite promising for everyone who is associated with retail in the country. And with many new companies slated to open stores across the country within the next few years, the competition is only heating up, not just between the brands themselves, but also within the agencies that are offering retail services to these companies.

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