Top Dachshund Puppy Training Ideas

Dachshund puppy training involves a lot of things from housebreaking to simple commands to playing around. In short, it’s all about spending precious time with your puppy. Dachshunds naturally love being with people. Dachshund puppy training will have to be done such that your puppy learns what kinds of behaviour pleases you and exactly what does not.

One such unacceptable habits that is unfortunately second character to dachshunds is the take action of digging. Take note these dogs were originally carefully bred for burrowing after searching prey, which is why digging is definitely instinctive for them. Your dachshund puppy training program should as a result include training him to not dig whenever he is weary or when something attracts his interest. Otherwise, your puppy could ruin your garden, or worse, your neighbor’s.

Your dog could also dig under your fence and escape into the streets, thus risking getting run over by a car. Digging furthermore poses a threat for your dachshund’s health because he can unwittingly dig in locations that contain chemicals or various other toxic materials. Here are some dachshund puppy training tips you can follow in order to deter your pup from getting used to digging.

Never leave your dachshund unattended for long periods of time, especially out in the yard in which he can dig freely. This type of dog becomes bored easily and digging is his natural way of relieving monotony. Whenever he’s out within the yard, you should walk him, play with him, or provide him toys to play with. This is actually one of the major rules within dachshund puppy training: Never ever leave your dog on his own.

Before getting a dachshund puppy, you might want to consider checking your wall first. To prevent your dog through escaping even if he manages to dig around your fence, make sure that the wall is buried at least two feet below the ground. If it isn’t buried that heavy and there is no way for you to bury it deeper, you can decide to either place chicken cable at the fence’s base or even bury large rocks across the fence area.

When your doggy starts digging, you will notice that there are areas where he especially loves to dig. Bury things that he or she doesn’t like in these areas to discourage him from digging in that area once again. You’ll have to be patient in duplicating the process every time he discovers a new area to look in. To satisfy his looking instincts, you may choose a specific area which you feel will be okay for him in order to dig. As you continue putting things he doesn’t similar to other areas, pretty soon he will realize that he can dig only in the certain designated area.

As with any other dog, the key to dachshund puppy training is definitely consistency. You and the rest of the loved ones must be consistent in articulating which behaviour is acceptable and which is not. You might also need to start dachshund puppy teaching as soon as the dog arrives, in order that it is immediately established that you will be the pack leader and he must be obeying you. Be patient and use positive instead of damaging reinforcement. Remember that dachshund puppy dog training should be fun, and doesn’t have to be as much of an inconvenience as you might think.

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