15 Mouth-Watering Edible Weeds

If you take a good look at your yard, you will find many different edible weeds that can be eaten in salads, made into tea or used for health purposes.


Found on most continents, Amaranth is an edible weed and Native to the Americas. The whole Amaranth plant can be eaten but if the leaves appear to have spines on them, avoid eating those leaves.

The leaves contain oxalic acid and if grown in soil that is rich in nitrate the plant will be rich in nitrate. Boiling the plant is recommended before eating, and do not drink the water that you have boiled the plant in.

Amaranth can also be eaten raw if that is the person only choice.

Asparagus (Wild)

The same asparagus vegetable that you find in the grocery store can be found in the wild in Europe, North America, West Asia and North Africa.

Grown with a much thinner stalk, wild asparagus is rich in thiamine, potassium and vitamins B6 and C. Wild asparagus can be eaten raw or you can boil it for a few minutes to soften the stalks.

Wild asparagus grows extremely fast and has many health benefits like reducing swelling and water retention. In the 16th century, asparagus was used to treat bee stings and cure toothaches.


Burdock is a rather medium to large size plant that has huge leaves. The purplish thistle like flowers bloom up the long stalks in small bunches.

Burdock is a native wild plant in the Eastern Hemisphere and grows in some parts of the Western Hemisphere. The leaves of the plant need to be boiled twice to get rid of the bitterness.

The stalks need to be peeled and boiled and even the root if boiled can be eaten. Burdock is widely used in Japan.


North America calls this weed either cattails or punks. In England, it is known as reedmace or bullrush. Cattail is usually found in the freshwater wetlands near the edges.

Many Native American tribes used cattails as a staple food in their diets. Almost all of the cattail is edible. The tastiest part of the plant is the bottom of the stalk where it is white.

The roots that are underground and the stems can be boiled and eaten.
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They can also be eaten raw. The leaves are long and thin but can be boiled and cut up like spinach.

The dark top female flower that looks like a spike can be taken off. It can be boiled up and eaten like corn on the cob. It essentially tastes like corn when boiled.

The best time for eating the flowering top is in the early summer when the Cattail tops are first developing.

Four Leaf Clovers

Not only good luck is the four-leaf clover, but it is also one of the edible weeds that are found almost everywhere. Clover loves the open grassy areas that have plenty of sunlight.

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