New Instagram Apps Worth Using

Instagram never fails to amaze its three hundred million monthly active users. The team behind this popular photo-sharing platform continues to find ways to make sharing pictures and videos very enjoyable to users of all ages.

Brand new apps have been introduced recently to encourage creativity among users. For instance , the Hyperlapse and the newly-released Design.


Launched in 2014, the particular Hyperlapse app allows Instagram customers to capture top quality time lapse videos. It features a built-in leveling technology called Cinema that eliminates the shake thereby letting you produce professional looking and captivating videos. The role of the stabilization algorithm is to help capture fluid videos.

As opposed to in the past when creating quality videos using a cinematic appeal required expensive products, meticulous planning and a video editing software, Hyperlapse is simple and easy to utilize. When you open up your camera, you are able to just tap the begin recording button once and tap it again if you want to stop.

You can then select a playback speed between 1x to 12x. The higher the level, the faster the video.

To save your video for your camera roll, just tap the green check mark. You can immediately share your video on Instagram.
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Time lapse videos are usually shown in a faster motion similar to carrying out a fast forward. And the Hyperlapse application is great for documenting sunsets, a floral blooming, birds in flight or simply about anything you like. It is currently available for iOS devices only.


Layout is the newest app from Instagram. It lets users create a single image using several pictures similar to a collage.

What this app does is it instantly teaches you previews of various layouts while you’re choosing pictures from your camera roll. A Faces option is available to help users easily find photos that feature people.

To rearrange photos, simply drag and drop your selected pictures. Photos can be flipped and rotated to create attractive arrangements and mirror effects.

Another interesting feature from the Layout app is the Photo Booth. When tapped, this functionality starts a countdown and then captures pictures straight away.

This Instagram app is now available for iOS devices and will be made available soon for Android.

Instagram has been acquired by Facebook in Apr 2012. The following year, it increased rapidly by 23 percent. The platform has also been used by business owners in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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