Embrace This New Year With Brief Message Service

The particular arrival of every new year gives a new surge of energy and pleasure. I know it’s a reflex which remnants back to my childhood days. And I cherish those memories for letting myself have a good time year after year.


Back in school, this was previously winter vacation.
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And after a very lively Christmas, we used to look forward to having, another festival. Three-four days ahead of time, we started preparing. With our colors put to their free use, we all painted our imaginations on graph papers. Every color was given a display and our strokes were because confident as those of a modern-day painter. Neatly folded with our ardent greetings preserved in between the folds up, the handmade greetings waited for your New Year’s first dawn on which we were on a wishing spree. There was clearly a card for everyone we adored and cared for.


As I grew, the handmade cards were slowly replaced by Hallmark however the craze was still very much unchanged. Most houses I visited during those days, including even mine, experienced beautiful greeting cards the family received from friends and well-wishers joined with a thread and hung on the walls as decorative pieces. By the time I went to college, there was an apparent drop in the number of greeting cards us received, through not in the number of well-wishers. Instead, on the New Season morning, my parents were glued to telephone which never stopped ringing.

After some more years, there were mobile phone messages to greet us. Initially, those Short message service were eagerly waited for and go through. A few more years on, even that was banal. And today, we have only ‘forwards’. We receive some good greeting Brief message service and that forwarded for all our friends. And it’s extremely boring to receive the same forward from somebody else a few moments later.


Most said and done, my heartiness for welcoming the New Year dawn still remains the same. As intense as that of a child. I hug all those I wish to let them feel my friendliness and feel theirs. I want to reach all those I know, especially the remote friends, to make them feel they may be loved and cared for. And the key of this sprightliness, I guess, is hidden in those crayon strokes within the chart paper.

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