Losing fat With Kickboxing

You might not have noticed, but there are currently a LOT of articles about kickboxing on the internet. So what’s one more, right? Hopefully I’ll give you some information and advice that you haven’t previously encountered.

This article does not cover kickboxing in general, but kickboxing on a heavy bag. More specifically, it pertains to a program developed in order for the average person to have a comprehensive workout system, at home, all for the heavy bag. What’s great regarding using a heavy bag during your regimen is that you actually have resistance to all of your hits. Without resistance, how are you going to end up being toning your muscles? Cardio kickboxing can be fine for some, and if you don’t have a heavy bag, really that’s the only kickboxing you’re going to be able to do. And if you like it and will actually do it, after that you’ve already found the 2 essential factors to an effective exercise program, so do not allow me to dissuade you from this. The problem for most people is, however: this ceases to be all that much fun after several times through the same program. If all you’re going to be doing is punching and kicking the air, you might as well be doing dance, zumba, aerobics classes, or whatever. There is absolutely no particular advantage to “kickboxing” in case you are training at home and don’t have a heavy bag. It is analogous to: “I such as bike riding and I heard that cycling is a great workout, so I’m going to sit in a chair and claim my feet around just like somebody would on a bicycle. ” It might seem like a silly analogy, yet think about it: if you’re not actually doing the activity, why mimic the movements as though you were? Just choose something different… something more fun.

Without the bag, the skills you are developing are not as transferable to an actual self-defense situation when you might think. When you punch or kick someone in real life, it offers to be at a certain untelegraphed acceleration, and it ends with an impact. The kick to someone’s midsection, for example , requires a “push” from you into the challenger, and at the same time their bodyweight is being forced back onto you. Muscle tissue are having to account for this as well as your stance is fortified to prevent you toppling backwards as a result.

If you performed this same action without an opponent, or even in this case a heavy bag, there is really zero “push” forwards taking place, and you’re not resisting ANY backwards pressure from the impact. You actually have to “stop” your own leg from moving forwards plus yank it back. That is going to be using little more than your hip flexor muscle groups, just a tiny portion of “what must have been”. Aerobic kickboxing is more rhythmic in nature, and the punches are thrown more slowly in order to avoid hyper-extending your joints. You will also be developing very little upper body muscle tone should you be not striking a bag. Your legs are having to support your torso, so they’re getting worked, but nevertheless not as much as if they were pushing great bag back and forth and resisting the weight.

So there are a few disadvantages of kickboxing without the heavy bag, this is a given; but its still a decent workout for people who enjoy it and are looking for aerobic exercise at home. But now lets take the best-case scenario and assume that you DO use a heavy bag to use; now your own kickboxing workout is taken to a whole new level. Your own triceps and shoulders strengthen along with EACH straight punch into the bag. Your chest and biceps improve with each hook punch. Your own quads strengthen with each kick, and all of your other major muscle groups are constantly working as your entire body has to steady itself with each impact into the bag. Each impact and kick makes your primary snap into immediate contraction. As well as the best part is, you don’t even have to think about working those muscles, it occurs automatically. No pushups, crunches or situps necessary. When your whole body has been used, your abs and core by necessity get an awesome workout. Lets say I throw the Left Hook into the bag: the energy for the punch is coming up from your ground (through the legs), the particular abs/obliques are twisting the upper body first to the left, then immediately to the right as the left hand rates of speed into the bag. Upon impact, the bag is actually pushing back you with an equal force. Your abs and core are making sure that you don’t need to disconnect your upper from your decrease body due to the force of the bag, so they’re contracting at complete force. And you have a hundred or so of those maximal contractions during the course of the exercise.

So that “core contraction” burns fat off your waist, right? Not really, plus anyone who tells you so is simply misinformed. However , what DOES burn fat off your waistline is the sum total of all your muscle mass being engaged throughout the duration from the workout. The more muscle you can get moving, the greater your fat-burning efficiency. Kickboxing on the heavy bag not only activates a TON of muscle, but it does so at the same time you’re getting a great cardiovascular workout. The technical name for this is “more bang for your buck”!

Now most people know many of the advantages of the heavy bag, and they understand kickboxing is a great workout, so is generally there a disadvantage that maybe coming from overlooked? Yes.

The truth is, most people, particularly if they have a limited background in this type of thing, become bored during the exercise because they can’t think of what to toss at the bag. And I don’t mean they can’t think of “anything”, sure they could: they remember to throw a jab, a cross, a hook, the kick, and then they do it again, and again, and again, and pretty soon they’ve run into a regimen that is stale and uninspiring. The truth is, it takes a lot of mental energy in order to constantly be thinking, “OK, NOW what do I do? ” When your exercise consists of this kind of “winging it” round after round, your mind gets tired, and bored, and suddenly you aren’t so enthused about your exercise program anymore. What you need is a very structured step by step program that tells you EXACTLY what to do each and every round. When you use this, your workouts become AWESOME! Its so much more fun when your brain can rest and all your energy can go into the “performance” of your workout, rather than in the “creation” of your workout!
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Searching through the internet, you will find many examples of people providing you with combinations to do during the course of your workout. This is good. You can write them down, and hopefully remember them as occur to be performing your routine. A complete system has been developed that has done all this “leg work” for you, and you can read through all about it by linking to it in the “resources” section of this article. The a lot easier to be consistent in your exercise habit when you’re doing something fun, interesting, productive, and that you don’t have to consider. All you have to do is show up: putting the Workout Sheet in front of you, arranged your timer (which are available as FREE apps on your smartphone), and then let the program take you round-by-round via what just might be the BEST workout you’ve ever had in your life!

So , why do kickboxing rather than just likely to a gym and workout out?

Here’s some reasons kickboxing makes such a great workout program:

You’ll be practicing a form of self-defense. You’re spending time on something valuable. And you’ll be constructing into to your muscle memory such things as proper distance, timing, balance, technique, combinations that are effective, etc .
You’ll certainly be getting in great cardiovascular shape (your heart and arteries).
You’ll be keeping your body (bones, muscles, and joints) healthy and strong so that you can enjoy life to the fullest as you get older.
It is a great workout for your ABS AND CORE!
You’ll be exercising with a purpose, not just pushing yourself to expend energy like most machines, calisthenics, plyometrics, etc . Instead, you’ll be busy concentrating on method, and visualizing striking an challenger, and constantly trying to improve your attacks, balance, power, speed, fluidity, athleticism, etc … This removes the fag from your exercise.
Its fun. You’ll certainly be working so hard that its difficult to really call it “fun”, but the reason is that you’ll like it, which is essential. Music is an important part of the equation here too; it contributes to the overall “feel” of the session. You’ll be playing your preferred workout tunes, which will help keep you going.

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